Work in Progress

Building Fiscal Capacity (with A. Gumpert)
— Grant by the German Research Foundation, Building Fiscal Capacity (FISCAP) (2020-2024, Co-PI, € 695,000)

What is Fair? Experimental Evidence on Fair Equality vs Fair Inequality (with I. Sjursen, J. Vietz)

Reducing Survivor Pension to Promote More Equal Labor Market Attachment of Women: Evidence from Sweden
(with J. Kochems, M. Nybom, S. Siegloch)

Successful Advances in Fiscal ARchiItecture (SAFARI): Evidence from a new tax in Zanzibar 
— Grant by the Research Council of Norway (2021-2024, € 1.1 million)

Selection of Publications

Shaming for Tax Enforcement
with L. Treber, Management Science, 68(11), 7793-8514, 2022.

Water the Flowers You Want to Grow: Evidence on Private Recognition and Charity Loyalty
with B. Bittschi and J. Rincke, European Economic Review, 131, 103624, 2021.

Settlement location shapes the integration of forced migrants: Evidence from post-war Germany
with S. Braun, Explorations in Economic History, 77, 101330, 2020.

Firms’ Financial and Real Responses to Credit Supply Shocks: Evidence from Firm-Bank Relationships in Germany
with F. Fossen and M. Simmler, Journal of Financial Intermediation, 41, 100773, 2020.

Flipping a Coin: Evidence from University Applications
with D. Kübler and G. Weizsäcker, Journal of Public Economics, 167, 240–250, 2018.

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivations for Tax Compliance: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Germany
with H. Kleven, I. Rasul and J. Rincke, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 8(3), 203–232, 2016.

Do Norms on Contribution Behavior Affect Intrinsic Motivation? Field-Experimental Evidence from Germany
with P. Boyer and J. Rincke, Journal of Public Economics 144, 140–153, 2016.

More Publications...
Do Individual Put Effort Into Lying? Evidence From a Compliance Experiment
with T. Lohse, Journal of Economic Psychology, 71, 74-87, 2019.

Sharing the Burden: Empirical Evidence on Corporate Tax Incidence
with P. Rattenhuber and V. Steiner, German Economic Review, 20, e107-e140, 2019.

Implementing Quotas in University Admissions: An Experimental Analysis
with S. Braun, D. Kübler and A. Westkamp, Games and Economic Behavior 85, 232–251, 2014.

Financial Leverage and Corporate Taxation. Evidence from German Corporate Tax Return Data
with V. Steiner, International Tax and Public Finance 21(1), 1–28, 2014 (lead article).

User Cost Elasticity of Capital Revisited
Economia 81, 161–186, 2014.

Debt and Equity in Domestic and International Tax Law. A Comparative Policy Analysis
with W. Schön et al., British Tax Review 2, 146–217, 2014.

Do Tuition Fees Affect the Mobility of University Applicants? Evidence from a Natural Experiment
with J. Storck and K. Wrohlich, Economics of Education Review 31(1), 155–167, 2012.

Profit Taxation and the Elasticity of the Corporate Income Tax Base. Evidence from German Corporate Tax Return Data
with V. Steiner, National Tax Journal 65(1), 117–150, 2012.

Telling the Truth May Not Pay Off: An Empirical Study of Centralized University Admissions in Germany
with S. Braun and D. Kübler, B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy (Advanced tiers) 10(1), Article 22, 2010.

Die kurzfristigen Steuereffekte der “Thesaurierungsbegünstigung” – eine mikrofundierte Analyse
with M. Broer, Betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung und Praxis 4, 422–437, 2009.

Success in the University Admission Process in Germany: Regional Provenance Matters?
with S. Braun, Higher Education: The International Journal of Higher Educational Planning 58(1), 71–80, 2009.