I am a full professor of Economics at the University of Hohenheim, a CEPR affiliate and a CESifo fellow.

My research interest is public economics with a focus on three topics: tax compliance, public administration, long term effects of public policy.

Work in Progress

Building Fiscal Capacity
with A. Gumpert.

What is Fair? Experimental Evidence on Fair Equality vs Fair Inequality
with I. Hiem Sjursen & J. Vietz.

Successful Advances in Fiscal ARchItecture (SAFARI): Evidence from a new tax in Zanzibar
with O.-H. Fjeldstad, I. Hoem Sjursen, V. Somville, A. Dautheville.

Reducing Survivor Pension to Promote More Equal Labor Market Attachment of Women: Evidence from Sweden
with J. Kochems, M. Nybom, S. Siegloch.

Selected Publications

Shaming for Tax Enforcement
with L. Treber, Management Science, 2022, 68(11), 7793-8514.

Water the Flowers You Want to Grow: Evidence on Private Recognition and Charity Loyalty
with B. Bittschi & J. Rincke, European Economic Review, 131, 103624, 2021.

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivations for Tax Compliance: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Germany
with H. Kleven, I. Rasul and J. Rincke, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 8(3), 203–232, 2016.